The State of Hawai'i, DLNR
Engineering Division, Dam Safety
Disclaimer: Information shown on this map is approximate and should be used as a guideline for emergency response. While the best available data has been utilized as inputs into the dam failure computer model, the final modeled product results should be interpreted as "best available estimates" of the evacuation areas. These dam failure computer models assumed that each dam fails from a defect in the embankment structure, while full at maximum capacity, under dry (no rain) conditions and no discharge through the spillways. Dam Breaches during flooding or other hazard events could differ or be larger than the area identified.

Should evacuations be initiated, listen to instructions from your local emergency management / civil defense agency, and directives from the police and fire department.Based on the anticipated dam hazard or multiple hazards facing the community, this evacuation area may be altered by the local emergency management agency.The dam evacuation area is different from FEMA flood zone maps or the Tsunami Evacuation Maps(those can be viewed at: the modeled dam failure area utilized to create the evacuation zone maps were conducted by PDC for the State DLNR, the displayed evacuation map is the product and property of the local County Emergency Management or Civil Defense Agency.Any usage or alteration of this map should be cleared with that respective county agency.

For more information: contact local Emergency Management / Civil Defense Agency or visit: